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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I had quite the fun appointment today.
It was super early this morning, and I was up super late (and throughout the night) last I was tired out of my brains.
BUT at the same time I was a lucky girl.

It started out with the same ol NST. My very LAST AFI, and then an ultrasound....which are always grand. (besides the bruises on my tummy, and my very sore uterus, I'm having lots of strong contractions....)

ANYWAY. my doc was stuck with a patient. and I was left to read on the uncomfortable white
u/s bed. When the u/s nurse asked if I would be willing to test out a new ultrasound machine. Of course!
ok so I did think about it, my tummy is really sore. but the chance to check out this baby and with a cool new machine, and what else was I going to do anyway. oh. and I didn't have kids. why not.

They tested this new machine on me- which was super cool. super clear. Just the brain alone was pretty amazing...
I scanned in two pictures. left is OLD machine, right flipped (sorry about that) is the new machine.
its just of his profile, but you can see how the definition is different.

My doc came in and we talked a little bit about baby and me.
he played with the machine. Telling me I'm not the best candidate for testing it out because I am so easy anyway to see through (being thin). no offense. besides practice makes perfect for the tech right?

The new machine does 4D pics too. They did several glances of his face. I could see his little bits of hair, and eye and nose. hand covered it here and there. the 4D technology has improved even from when I had Jack. baby does look so much like a clay alien.

On the last view of the 4D his hand was covering most his face, and that was the only one they took a picture of. the worst one :( still worth posting right. even if you can't tell he has an eye and squished nose.

ok it looks really bad. when going from machine, to scanner, to flash drive and program it lost a lot.
he looks like a clay alien.

Here is my grand ol' 38 week picture.
ONE week from today I will probably be in labor.
ready or not!!

shirts aren't fitting much anymore. I have to kind of hold them down....

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  1. Aren't the 4D pictures totally awesome!!! My Dr's office and the perinatal office I go to uses them too..LOVE THEM!!!!