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The most recent posts will now be my experiences with Lupus as an adult and mother.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Friday, the kids and I went to my last NST.
Aren't these times in your life crazy? When you are right about to transition? You know everything is going to change. Your excited, and nervous, sad and of course- happy.

It was weird thinking I won't see all these ladies that I know so well for a very long time. If ever again.
I know about their kids in college, their grandchildren, and of course- their own pregnancies.
It's all kind of bitter sweet isn't it.

Sydney went camera happy and took a bunch of pictures with my phone. So I deleted 98% of them and will show you the rest. unless you really protest and would like to see the ultrasound machine in 100 different views...

And in 2 days...I will be showing you my baby instead.

Stinkin' cute little boy. love him.
They are so good. well behaved children when I have the NST. the whisper and play. Help me get my water bottle, and shoes on. 
I got lucky. 
(don't worry its not like that anywhere else)
 uh, too bad this isn't a little more blurry.
 This is Rosie. I have talked about her before. I hope she doesn't mind being on her, all blurry and such. 
She was my main NST nurse. 
You can kind of see her pink streaks of hair. It's too bad you can't hear her awesome accent. 

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