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Saturday, May 28, 2011

HepArin versus

I always for get that heparin has an A in it. It's not like it is pronounced Hep-A-rin. well not that I have ever heard it. We 'al jes say heprin 'round here.

It's not the only thing that I forgot about heparin. At this point I don't know what is better lovenox or heparin. I've complained enough about lovenox, so now that Ive been doing heparin for a while and its nice a fresh I can tell you its cons. and although the cons are different they probably weight each other out.

Heprin isn't fun because I have to do 75 mL 2x a day. (vs 40mL once a day with Lovenox) that's a lot of fluid to push into my thighs.
{at this point my belly is so big and tight doing a sub injection there hurts more and ...only gives me a long lasting bruise and with AFI's and ultrasounds at least once a week on my belly- it doesn't sit right}

Anyway, It's a lot of fluid leaving big bruised on my thighs. so you run out of skin after, um, a day. so I've become kind of bad at pushin heparin as many times a day as I should. Some days I'm braver than others...

I've reached 37 whole weeks.
and here is a picture to prove it.
I took this pic exactly on day/week 37. since I've gotten bigger...scale says so. It's only been 5 days!
On this day I had a:
Ultrasound & AFI
OB Visit
Rhemotolgist appointment

My ob visit went is nice and big... 6 lbs. My NST's have all gone smooth. This baby is so busy they have never had to "zap" him awake shake my belly. If anything he has been too busy, twirling and swirling in there he moves off the monitor. Doesn't that make you nervous?! It sure makes me....I might have quite a busy baby boy on my hands soon. AHH so soon.

We scheduled my induction.
7th at 7! 10 whole days away.
I kind of feel I'll make it that long. I have a lot of contractions, and strong ones. but not even close to being regular and they always go away after a while. I think that's pretty normal, especially for like your 3rd child. My body knows what to do and is getting ready. {am I ready?}

Later that afternoon I went to the Rhem. there wasn't too much to discuss with her. I haven't had blood drawn for a while, and nothing in my health has changed so she checked my joints and I was on my way.

I did talk to her about my anemia. I've tried everything....remember that soft gel I was so excited about. It hasn't made any difference. I'm still anemic. Not too severe- nothing that the rhem is worried about. It's pretty normal for what they see, and someone like me. She called it Chronic anemia. My hemoglobin stores scores are fine so they really aren't worried.
It's only when I come onto a new doc, who isn't used to my type of scores do they always beg me to take iron.

That news made me feel better. None-the-less, I hope one day I'll NOT be anemic. so do my teeth.

10 days.
maybe I'll get another post in.
maybe I won't.
I've got a lot to do for this baby still.
wish me luck.


  1. It's funny how excited I am for this baby. I feel like it's FLOWN by though. I still remember clear as day our conversation about you being ready to get pregnant again, and then the next day you were! :) I can't wait to meet little Will-bug. (can I call him that?)

  2. Dang! My sister had to do heparin shots during her first pregnancy. One time she was feeling particularly "not brave" about, and asked me to give her the shot. It was so sad when she pulled up her shirt to expose a massively bruised belly. So sorry, Dear Girl. You're awesome! ...and almost done! =)