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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

35 and 35 to go

I feel there is reason to celebrate. 
I picked up my last box of lovenox this week, of this pregnancy. 
(can't quite say it will be my last box in life...we shall see)

In one more week I will be done with hurtful fire burning shots. 
I won't be done with shots.
heparin will begin, 2x a day. 
I don't remember heparin hurting. 
just the poke. which sometimes takes 
just as much courage. 

I'm now 35 weeks. 
Isn't funny how it can feel SO close, and yet so far away. 
really I only have 4 more weeks. 4 is such a small number.
But when you say a MONTH. a month is a large number. 

nonetheless this baby will be here before we know it. don't we. 

with the exception of super sore hips, I feel great. 
I made a commitment to myself to try and enjoy this pregnancy. not be such a debbie downer about being all uncomfortable and sore. And I feel I've done a good job. There is always something to complain about! especially pregnant. But I didn't want it to be my focus. 

I didn't want to focus on the soreness, on the shots, the waddling, feeling fat and ugly pregnancy clothes. 
Instead I wanted to look at myself in a positive light, cherish my "baby Jack" cause- he is only my baby for a few more weeks. :(  and just plain suck up the aches. 

I have my weak moments, Nate knows this. ..and my close friends.
and my scary moments. 
But I must say, I've enjoyed this season of my life. 

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  1. You really have done an excellent job being positive. Even when I'm constantly trying to tell you that you are excused from any positiveness because you are pregnant. Sorry about that! :)